a twisted cypress, bent over a moonlit river
a twisted cypress, bent over a moonlit river
a twisted cypress, bent over a moonlit river

Rollout Plan

This process was designed with three aims: make distribution fair and transparent, ensure access for people we want in our long-term community, and favor humans over bots. Details are subject to change, and feedback is welcome in #ideas on Discord.

Community Pre-Sale

3,333 witches will be available to mint for active community members starting 12:00 a.m. ET on October 31 at 0.05 ETH. Each person can mint up to three witches.

  • Active community members are defined as anyone who is Level 1 or above in the Discord leaderboard.

  • These members will automatically receive the "first witch" role, which will grant them access to a private Discord channel (#community-sale) where they can submit their wallet address to be added to the pre-sale.

  • The community pre-sale will be open indefinitely until the public sale or until we reach the cap of 3,333.

  • The list for the community pre-sale will lock once a week on Saturday at 11:11 p.m. ET, starting with October 30. If you miss that window and there are witches remaining for the community sale, you'll be able to mint a week later. Each subsequent week until the public sale (November 6, November 13, November 20, November 27), this list will be updated with the new set of first witches, who will then have the opportunity to mint.

Public Sale

The remaining witches (plus any remaining from the pre-sale) will be available to mint for the general public at 12 p.m. ET on December 4 at 0.07 ETH. Each person can mint up to three witches, and this per-wallet cap includes any witches minted in the pre-sale or exchanged on secondary marketplaces.

  • Minting will occur on this website, with a backup option to mint on Etherscan.


The witches are revealed in weekly batches (Monday and Friday) to ensure that minters can't select their witches based on rarity. Minters may view their witches within a few days after minting them. The exception is Halloween, the first day of the pre-sale, when we'll run batch reveals during the same day.

After an unveiling, you can always see your witch on our website immediately. Connect your wallet at the top right and click on the button to go to "Your Wallet," where you'll be able to see your revealed witch. Wallets and platforms like OpenSea typically take a while (sometimes a few hours, sometimes as long as days) to update to the refreshed metadata. On your witch's OpenSea page, you can click a "Refresh metadata" button at the top right to request that OpenSea refresh the metadata more quickly.


Crypto Coven reserves 250 witches to gift, either before or after the launch.

  • Each of our HIGH WITCHES (the core team) and ACOLYTES (contributors) will receive a bespoke, self-designed witch.

  • Friends of the coven with significant followings may receive a witch.

  • Community members who participate in giveaways may be selected to receive a witch.