a twisted cypress, bent over a moonlit river
a twisted cypress, bent over a moonlit river
a twisted cypress, bent over a moonlit river

The Narrator's Hut

The Lore

THE NARRATOR'S HUT is the main act of CHAPTER ONE of the weird wilds, a first foray into this world of WONDER and WOE starting in the home of our beloved NARRATOR.

As you visit the NARRATOR’S HUT, you encounter five powerful ARTIFACTS: AVISA’S PEARL, RIJHA’S MIRROR, IONA’S CROOK, SPINOR’S AXE, and DOVE’S MONKEY CHARM. Each object is weighted with the memory of the WITCH who once owned it, a WITCH significant to the history of the weird wilds. The NARRATOR will spin their tales and offer to make you an “impression” of these ARTIFACTS to accompany you on your travels.

The Mint

The HUT opens on October 30 at 12:00 p.m. ET. Until the winter solstice on December 21, anyone will be able to mint ARTIFACTS for 0.07 ETH each. Each WITCH will be able to mint one ARTIFACT of their choice at no cost, as a gift from the NARRATOR.

After December 21, 2022, minting for unattuned ARTIFACTS will be closed permanently. Minting for ARTIFACTS attuned to a WITCH will remain open at 0.2 ETH, and WITCHES will no longer be able to mint one ARTIFACT as a gift.

If you have a WITCH, you can mint one of each ARTIFACT for each WITCH you own. The ARTIFACTS will be attuned to each WITCH individually, meaning that each ARTIFACT can only be minted for each WITCH once.

If no WITCH resides at your address, you can mint one of each ARTIFACT, totaling five. These ARTIFACTS will be unattuned, and the supply will be unlimited for the minting period.

The Artifacts

Each ARTIFACT is an audiovisual NFT containing:

  • Generated art of an object imbued with the essence of your WITCH

  • A playable narration of the memory bound to the object

  • Attunement modifiers for future world interaction

The WITCH or WITCHES you use to mint your ARTIFACTS are what determine their final forms. The NARRATOR’S magic will pull from your WITCH’s archetype, attunements, astrological chart, and/or attributes to generate the final ARTIFACT. For example, a SEER with high WOE will receive a different impression of AVISA'S PEARL than a NECROMANCER with high WONDER. The ARTIFACTS will be widely varied but not necessarily unique.

If you do not have a WITCH, you can play through this experience as a “faceless one.” Faceless ones can still mint randomized ARTIFACTS, though they will not be customized to a WITCH.

Each final ARTIFACT contains modifiers, either additive or subtractive, to a WITCH’s attunements. Equipping these items may affect your path through the wilds in future chapters…

Common Queries

Is there a price difference for holders versus non-holders?

No, ARTIFACTS are the same price for all. However, holders will receive one gifted ARTIFACT per WITCH, and ARTIFACTS minted by WITCH holders are "attuned" to their WITCH's archetype and attunements. Non-holders, or "faceless ones," will receive generic versions.

Do I need to have my WITCH in my minting wallet to attune my ARTIFACTS?

Yes. To “play” as your WITCH while interacting with the NARRATOR and attuning your ARTIFACTS, you will need to connect a wallet containing the WITCH to our website.

If I hold multiple WITCHES, do I have to go through the hut multiple times?

No, you will be able to batch mint ARTIFACTS for any number of WITCHES at once as long as they are all in the connected wallet.

How do I decide which of my WITCHES to use for minting ARTIFACTS?

Archetype is the largest point of customization for the final ARTIFACT. If you’d like to mint for multiple WITCHES, we recommend you choose different archetypes over any other factor.

Can any WITCH use the attribute modifiers of any ARTIFACT?

Yes, in the future, any WITCH will be able to equip any ARTIFACT in the same wallet regardless of who originally minted it.

If I buy a new WITCH, can I mint a new set of attuned ARTIFACTS?

Not necessarily, since that WITCH's ARTIFACTS may have already been minted. To determine whether the ARTIFACTS for a given WITCH have been minted yet, you can check the WITCH's profile on this website.