image of tiatia floe
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Banishing with Laughter

You are a WITCH made of twigs and bark and leaves. You make your own jewelry from beads and stars. Your magic spawns from beeswax and bottled screams. You bathe in the sweet juices of poisonous fruits. WALK BACKWARDS INTO THE SUN!

You are a WITCH who sleeps on ice. You collect things, all things — monocles and moon rocks, mousetraps and marbles. Your magic spawns from whirls of ice. Your enemies suffer your curses in the cracked bones of their dinner. THE UNIVERSE IS ASKING YOU TO AWAKEN!

For the young witch, TiaTia Floe, growing up with a family full of pranksters and illusionists, was quite embarrassing. Not only because they'd embarrass her in front of her friends, by dressing really eccentrically, and making awkward jokes during sleepovers but also because they'd turn everything into a joke.

Like the time when she was 13 and got her period while out shopping with her mom. She was wearing white pants, so it was obvious what had occurred. Her mother pointed at the stain between her legs and said in a loud voice "Ahh, someone's becoming a lady, ahahahah. Why couldn't you wait till we got home?! ahahah". She stood there completely shocked, by the fact that her mother could make such a horrible joke in front of everyone.

From that day forward, she vowed to be the black sheep of her family. Someone calm, straightforward, and most importantly, not funny.
She craved to be taken seriously by everyone she met. However, due to her family's reputation, she failed to do so, which angered her.

When college applications came around, she decided to apply to The Occult University in Ethertown, which was 3 hours away from her small hometown of Sorcerville, and she got in. Her family was sad to see her move but they were proud of her.

Once she got to Ethertown, she realized that no one knew her or her family and that she could create her own brand new identity.

She started spending a lot of her free time in libraries, and coffee shops, hoping to cross paths with scholarly types of people. After a month of trying, she had only managed to make friends with her obnoxious roommate, Capulin Quarrel. Who would leave her moon rocks, mouse traps, and even marbles all over their dorm. Worst of all, she was always cracking jokes, which painfully reminded her of home.

Desperate for change, she checked out a Glamour Magick book from the library. She wasted no time, flipping through the book, TiaTia came across a spell for "Enticing Others". It called for all things Venus, so she bought pink roses, and pink candles and picked up Capulin's rose quartz that she had lying around in their dorm. As she was studying the spell, she read "Caution: Beware banishing with laughter”, which made her roll her eyes and ignore it. As she never really laughed anyway, so what did she have to worry about, she thought.

 Her ritual began with lighting the candles, casting a circle, and calling in Venus. With her eyes closed and arms wide open, she visualized intelligent colleagues, friends, and even a smart and well-read partner. Further, she visualized all this manifesting and coming towards her path. As the energy became increasingly more and more intense, this flashing bright white light came down over her and her prospects. It was clearing everything out, and due to the overwhelming brightness of the light, it forced TiaTia to open her eyes. 

Doing so, she saw her roommate, no more than a foot away from her, smiling and holding the rose quartz "I just wanted it back" she said.

She jumped backward due to the shock, "AHHH", screamed TiaTia, "Why are you just standing there, that's so weird?!!....", She paused as she tried to recover her breath, grabbed her bag, and said, "Ugh, never mind, I'm going to open-mic at the Library. Be back later. BYE.".

"Be careful, tonight’s the full moon!", Capulin softly said as Tiatia walked past her.

By the time she walked out of her building, it was dark out, but she saw a crowd of people walking towards the library, so she followed them. Toward the front of this crowd was a tall and mysterious guy who was wearing all black. She thought to herself, "He's probably the one from my visualization".

As she entered the dimly lit library, she quickly spotted the mysterious guy and sat down across from him. In a soft voice, she said "Hi, I'm TiaTia, I'm new around here. Do you come often to these events?"

Lifting his head, he looked at her and softly replied, "Something like that".
His nonchalant response excited her, maybe this truly was the guy from her visualizations she thought.

They talked the night away, regularly stepping away from the open mic area and deep into the library to discuss various subjects. Towards the end of the night, he looked at her and asked, "Wanna head over to the Lunar Cauldron?".

"Sure.", she casually replied.

After a few drinks, he started to let loose and crack some jokes which confused TiaTia. Nonetheless, she giggled to go along.

To her surprise, his jokes became funnier and funnier. Completely forgetting about her prejudices against her family's jokes, she full-blown started laughing.

"And then I was like, Professor, no really, my dog ate my homework. I pulled out the chewed-up parchment and threw it on his desk. He freaked out. HAHA,” He was telling her.

"No way! That's gross. Hahahaha" She replied, laughing so hard she tilted her head backward, almost as an explosion hit her in the face, then her hair frizzed up, and her make-up completely smeared off.

This must be what the book cautioned against she thought to herself. With a shocked look on her face, she looked at him, hastily said "Bye" and ran straight to the Cauldron's bathroom.

Looking at herself in the mirror, feelings of disappointment ran through her as she started to cry.

Slowly opening the bathroom stall, her roommate came out and started laughing.

TiaTia, quickly turned to her and yelled "ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME NOW? WHAT THE HELL! Why do you always turn everything into a joke?!".

"Listen, I just wanted to make sure you were safe. Also, I know I joke around too much. However, life can be cruel, so being able to laugh at myself is how I manage. You should try it", Capulin said, as she walked out of the bathroom.

Fixing herself up in the mirror, she gazed into her own eyes and started laughing. "Darn, I guess I did banish with laughter,” She said to herself, and like magick, the glamour magick faded out. This marked a new aeon for her, the one where she learned the beauty of banishing with laughter.