a twisted cypress, bent over a moonlit river
a twisted cypress, bent over a moonlit river
a twisted cypress, bent over a moonlit river

A Call for Echoes

The TREE OF ECHOES reawakens.

There lives an ancient twisting tree, ECHO, who wanders the wilds, chronicling the deeds of WITCHES. Many have told him their tales. But for some time now, he has rested... until now. ECHO arose with the opening of THE NARRATOR'S HUT, and he now waits to hear the stories from his time of slumber.


We're reopening submissions for community-imagined lore for WITCHES!

This time, to celebrate the launch of THE NARRATOR'S HUT, we're putting forth a theme: the locations of the weird wilds from the stories inside the HUT.

We'll gift ARTIFACTS from THE NARRATOR'S HUT on a rolling basis until December 21 to authors of stories we choose to feature. These featured authors will be invited to perform a reading of their short story in December on Twitter Spaces.

To enter, write a short story set in one of the following locations:

  • THE WASTES, a vast desert, home to THE ORACLE.
  • THE ORACLE, a near-divine entity manifested from the soul of a great and powerful SEER. Visitors must pass trials to access its wisdom.
  • THE WOODS, a dense forest that covers a large stretch of the wilds and where many witches live, especially HAGS and OCCULTISTS.
  • THE CITY OF MIRRORS, a glamorous, crystalline city founded on top of an unknown demon deal long ago by RIJHA and NULL.
  • THE TOWER, home to a council of ENCHANTRESSES at the center of the city.
  • THE DEMON MARKET, a bustling collection of stalls and shops run by DEMONS looking to trade anything and everything, for a cost.
  • THE HALLOWED HALLS, a school for MAGES to study all branches of magic, relatively new to the wilds.
  • THE ASYLUM, a monkey-tended ryokan for LOST WITCHES whose minds have been consumed by magic.

The story should:

  • Revolve around one to three WITCHES in the collection
  • Embody the character of the referenced WITCH(ES), incorporating different attributes
  • Take place in the weird wilds in alignment with the lore of Crypto Coven
  • Complement the tone and structure of the featured stories of the TREE OF ECHOES (for example: "The Flip,"set in THE HALLOWED HALLS)

You do not need to own a WITCH or own the WITCH(ES) you chronicle. Multiple submissiones are welcome.