image of tiatia, the other permafrost

MISSING WITCH in the Crystal Caves

You are a WITCH bold beyond reckoning. You carve gemstones with sigils and figures. Your magic spawns from darkness and shadow. Your skin is littered with the scars of ceremonies complete. RUTHLESS KINDNESS!

Beneath the fallen twisted branches and dead leaves, deep within the ground there magnificent crystals waiting to be discovered. TiaTia, the other permafrost, is a WITCH who knows exactly where to find them! She uses her powerful intuition to guide her to the most beautiful mines and caves in the weird wilds. She climbs into the dark, cold crevices - fearless and focused, never leaving empty handed. From the dirt and dust, she reveals glimmering stones and minerals… each seemingly more spectacular than the last.

She is a WITCH full of WONDER - a talented gemstore carver! She’s always hunting for new crystals to create with. Tiatia adorns the powerful stones with sigils to manifest her deepest desires. She painstakingly crafts beautiful jewelry and energy-infused amulets for ritual work and altar decoration, known to be the most powerful in the weird wilds. 

She is WITTY, filled with an OCCULTIST’s wisdom! She naturally knows which crystals to choose for spell work - carnelian for creativity, black tourmaline for protection, rose quartz for romance, fluorite for mental clarity. She skillfully blends them with moon water and dried herbs to create magical concoctions. Creating personalized, medicinal potions for other WITCHES brings her joy!

She is WOEFUL, her hands are covered with scratches and scars from her handy work. Every scar marking the memory of a completed ceremony, a manifestation come to fruition. Her magic spawns from the depths of her darkest moments, the shadows of her most painful experiences - but instead of making her callous and cold, she is RUTHLESSLY KIND and compassionate. Tiatia is a generous WITCH, leaving everyone she encounters with a gemstone as a memento.

When Tiatia descends into the caves, sometimes she is gone for days, but she always returns with new gems. No matter how deep, dark and treacherous… she bravely and carefully digs through the rocks to see what hidden treasures await her. 

Folklore says there is a beast living beneath a cenote in one of her favorite caves - a massive creature with more teeth and eyes than one can count. This terrifying beast is believed to protect and guard the precious gems. It lurks beneath shallow, dark waters waiting for the perfect moment to strike. But Tiatia is unbothered, and uses her wit to avoid catastrophe - tiptoeing quietly through the shadows. 

This time something feels off - Tiatia has been gone for quite some time and no WITCHES have seen her since her last trip to the cave. Some of the WITCHES think that Tiatia's scars aren’t from carving gems at all… but from fighting the beast, just barely escaping its clutches! Perhaps she’s just exploring new terrain and it’s taking her a long time to haul the crystals back… or has she fallen into the dangerous lair of the creature? 

Luckily she is a WITCH who always carries her protective crystals and amulets with her, but will they be enough to keep her safe this time?

Have YOU seen Tiatia the other permafrost?